Welcome to K2lab

Research within the field of Knowledge and Communication is concentrated on the behavioral, social, aesthetic, and value-sensitive aspects of the design and use of information and communication technology (ICT). Our goal is to design ICT for meaning- and purposeful use contexts and to further our understanding regarding processes of how people come to a meaning- and purposeful use of ICT.

ICT use of today penetrates all aspects of human life. The routines, habits and way we do things gradually change in processes of use of ICT. This concerns, on the one hand, our use of mobile phones and information and services on the internet for instance, and on the other hand our norms, values and the expectations we have on tools we use and on each other in the carrying out of tasks and activities. In short, this concerns all aspects of human life, i.e. our education, work and leisure. We need to further our understanding regarding these processes since they are essential to human life, but equally important in informing design of future innovative ICT.